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yellow-dogWelcome to Grooms by Beth

We offer dog grooming and cat grooming and are conveniently located in Windsor, VA, right on Highway 460. We are easy to get to and have clients who live in Suffolk, Franklin, Ivor, Wakefield, Windsor, Smithfield and the various other locales in Isle of Wight county and Southampton county. We work by appointment to make it as convenient as possible for you to have your pet groomed. Just call and we will work with your schedule, and we are available to you 7 days a week! Your pet can stay safely with us while you go shopping or take care of other errands, and when you return your dog or cat will be clean, dry, and happy!

Your Pet Grooming Experience

When you bring your pet to Grooms by Beth, you can be assured that your pet is treated gently and that the best, soapless products are used to clean and nourish their coat. If you pet requires a trim, we use a combination of scissors and blades to spruce up your pet's coat. If you dog or cat requires a medicated bath, we can take care of that, too. We are a full server pet groomer.

Beth cares for every pet as if it were her very own dog or cat, and if your dog has special needs, she will take that into consideration during the grooming process. At Grooms by Beth, we also keep good records so you can depend on us remember your pets grooming needs and have confidence that your dog or cat is groomed to those specifications each and every time. We're also flexible, so if you have a different groom done in the winter than in the summer, we can accommodate you easily.

Dog Groomer Experience

Miss Beth has been a professional groomer since 1996 and she grooms dogs of all sizes and shapes, and she does cats, too! We're not going to tell you that every pet loves getting a bath, but we can claim that every pet loves Beth!

Is this your first visit for Pet Grooming?

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